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Exclusive access to the CCQ database

Thus you can quickly update information regarding an employee subject to CCQ standards or easily create new functions without having to search for the various data concerning earnings, source deductions and contributions.

With direct access to CCQ databases, you can automatically download and verify your employer and employee rates via Internet

A Turn-key

Onsite installation and configuration by a specialized technician

Unlimited telephone support offered by experts in the construction industry

Unlimited updates due to tax, legal and technological changes

A solution which meets the requirements of your industry

Multi-company, enabling payroll preparation for several companies

Startup wizard

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Human resources management

  • Production of construction pay slips indicating Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) contributions and deductions
  • Production of CSST and CCQ reports
  • Production of government forms and slips (DAS)
  • Production and submission of monthly employer’s report via Internet or on paper
  • Support-payment management
  • Management of inactive or temporarily absent employees
  • Vacation pay management wizard

Payroll management

  • Management of regular pay and pay subject to CCQ standards
  • Automatic updating of CCQ salary rates
  • Clic Revenu integration, enabling electronic data transfer (employment records, source deductions,T4s, RL-1s)
  • Integrated direct deposit function
  • Custom cheques/pay slips per department or per employee
  • Payroll management according to department
  • Management of time banks, hour banks, and money banks
  • Distribution of employee expense reimbursement

Integrates with Acomba,
Sage 50 et Sage 300

Construction Payroll Software

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CCQ Rates Management

The CCQ Rates Management complement ensures you are using the right CCQ rates without having to look them up and enter them manually every time.

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The CCQ Rates Management complement is included in Construction Payroll Software.


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